Veganism is changing Western thinking towards food.

Think for one moment.

Governments and businesses have a vested interest in us continuing to eat animals and dairy products, it drives many other industries.. from Pharmaceutical to Genetic, engineering.

However, I have become more aware now of the fightback from this dominant culture of our Western world.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice for people wanting to be healthy and who care about helping to tackle climate change and animal welfare.

I think more and more people will change their traditional food lifestyle, that no longer props up industries that impact our lives and every generation.

Set yourself a three-month challenge to explore Veganism and share your experience, let your ‘New World Vegan’ journey commence.



Bodybuilding with a Vegan Diet

Is it possible to remain in shape or build muscle whilst on a Vegan diet?

The answer is YES you can, but it does take a little planning and focus. Plus getting to the gym of course!

I hit the gym at least twice a week, plus Wing Tsun training twice a week.

Below is a weekly diet plan.

Day 1 Break: Porridge, peanut butter, agave syrup Lunch: kare buruso, wok-fired greens  Dinner: Bean stew, hummus, peas, peppers

Day 2 Break: Porridge, peanut butter, agave syrup, protein smoothie Lunch: Vegan sausages, peppers, hummus, spinach, hess balls, peas, bean stew Dinner: Vegan sausages, peppers, spinach, hummus, peas, bean stew,

Day 3 Break: Banana, avocado on toast, protein smoothie Lunch: ‘Tofu and salad. Dinner: Lentil burgers, sweet potato wedges, peas

Day 4 Break: Porridge, peanut butter & vegan chocolate spread, protein smoothie Lunch: Vegan cheese, chili jam, toast, banana bread and almond butter. Dinner: Chickpea, pepper & spinach sandwich, kale crisps & fruit salad

Day 5 Break: Porridge, peanut butter, protein smoothie Lunch: Pumpkin curry.  Dinner: Tofu, brown rice, aubergine, broccoli, asparagus



Micronutrients and Veganism

As with any diet or food intake, the body and brain need to have all the nutrients to sustain biological processes and pathways for cellular functions.

Everybody, including meat-eaters, never sufficient amounts of their micronutrients for optimum bodily functions and cellular protection. During my New World Vegan journey, I am taking supplements to help support my inner cellular framework.

Below is a list of key micronutrients you should supplement, this goes for meat-eaters too.

  • DHA
  • Vitamin B12, K2 (MK-4), D3
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Riboflavin

All the above will help the brain and body to function fully, particularly for Vegans.


You can have your cake and eat it, Vegan style.

I’ve discovered that I can still enjoy my lovely sweet treats, minus the dairy, and enjoy it.

I made some great Almond butter rice-cakes with popping candy mixed with the dark chocolate..yum!

I still can enjoy selected biscuits too and I am going to try baking Vengan style Belgian buns!!

More Health Benefits

As I continue my bold journey into veganism I am reading more articles daily on the health benefits, or maybe I am just being more aware to such articles.

I am personally convinced of the positive impact this diet actually makes, my body and energy levels are great.

Below are some snippets I have come across. .enjoy reading.

Lets Time Travel to New World Veganism

I would like to share a theory for debate and consideration.

Step into my time machine and lets journey 10 – 20 years into the future world of New World Veganism.

This new era will see trips to Mars, electric cars an everyday norm and VR as the ultimate gaming experience.

But what about New World Veganism, how might this be revolutionary?

There is already the awareness and knowledge that manufactured meats and dairy products have chemicals that harm us, plus the animals are kept in controlled environments and killed in a spiritual state of fear.

All these elements are what causes harm to our human bodies by consuming them.

Therefore, in the New World of Veganism, meat is only permitted for consumption under these strict conditions:

  1. All animals must be in there natural habit without any interference from mankind in any way.
  2. Meat can only be used for consumption if the animal had died from natural causes.
  3. No chemicals or treatment can be made to the meat, plus only natural herbs may be used for cooking.

These strict guidelines will not see supermarkets filled with ethical meats as the quantities will be quite low, but what it does mean is that animal welfare will be number 1 and that there are no dangers from manufactured meats.

Is this a brave New World of Veganism or just science fiction!..the debate has started

Go Vegan, New World Vegan.


Health benefits of Veganism

As I continue my journey and ‘NWV’ blog, I must say I am finding our more and more information each day on the health benefits to a Vegan diet.

From my experience so far the key to being a Vegan is:

1. Share willpower

2. Self belief (expect everyone to think and say its crazy)

3. Knowledge with knowing the truth about manufactured meats and dairy products.

Enjoy some facts below…