Being Vegan Is Nutritous

Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d share with you some facts on just how nutritious plant-based foods actually are, below I’ve put together a selection of infographics.



5K Vegan Runner

Hi Everyone,

I have achieved another of my personal challenges this week since becoming Vegan three months ago.

I have completed two 5K runs! I have never been a distance runner ever but I have found new energy levels since I change my diet.

I’ll be going for another 5K run next week and my target time is 25 min, it might take a couple more runs mind you.

It feels really great being Vegan!


Mind Over Matter

Hi Everyone…

On personal self-reflection being a Vegan requires a great deal of ‘Mind over Matter’, I have put together my own thoughts and play of words for what this actually means:

  1. It doesn’t ‘Matter’ what others think or says about being a Vegan, trust in your own ‘Mind’ in following your Vegan path.
  2. It doesn’t ‘Matter’ about what meat-eaters love or what farmers do, it’s just the system. Collective Vegan ‘Minds’ of belief and knowledge will change the system.
  3. It doesn’t ‘Matter’ that Veganism is actually expensive, as in your ‘Mind’ you are helping to save our planet.
  4. It doesn’t ‘Matter’ about the negative energies others give to me about being Vegan, I use my Wing Tsun (EWTO) ‘Mind’ and training to divert any negative forces away.
  5. What does ‘Matter’ is believing in your self as Vegan and having the ‘Mind’ plus willpower to back it up.
  6. Have a it doesn’t ‘Matter’ Mindset’ when others are tucking into their Subways sandwich at work.

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I’ve Done It!!!


I never thought it possible but today I have reached the third month of my personal Vegan Challenge and I feel GREAT!

Yesterday, I went to Vegan Chinese restaurant (Loving Hut) in Archway with the family, it was so tasty and no joke my Vegan fish and chips were bang-on just like the real thing!

My Son had a Vegan beef burger and for a Nine-year-old to rave afterward that he could not tell it wasn’t meat says a lot.

I am happy to continue my  Vegan journey and looking forward to sharing my adventures as a ‘New World Vegan’.


Thank you!

I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who is following my journey and reading my regular blogs, your support has been amazing!

This Sunday (8th April) will be the 3rd and final month of my personal Vegan challenge, I hear you cheering me

Once I reach this milestone, which to be honest I never ever thought I’d be able to do it, I must then decide…Do I continue or become ‘Captain Carnivore man’

I would say I am 20/80. I will let you know on Sunday.

Here are some more Infographics to share with you.