Killing animals is not murder!

I have heard in the news that a small narrow minded group of people are referring to the slaughter of animals as being the same as murder.

This is a strange concept which I disagree with this for a number of points.

1. As humans we are Omnivores, we can eat both meat or veg, therefore, if you are killing for food it is not murder. It’s called the food chain, just as how a lion kills another animal for food.

2. Even the bible provides guidance on the type of meats to eat.

3. Slaughtering an animal for food actual is a way to control animal populations.

As a Vegan, I have chosen not to eat meats or dairy because it has too many man made chemicals which is whats actually murdering our body internally.

If killing animals is wrong in someone’s mind, then be animal rights protester, don’t say it’s because you are a Vegan.

This to me is misguided.


My Vegan Journey!

Thanks for joining me on my personal journey into my ‘New World Vegan’!

I am new to being a Vegan from being a meat lover for all my adult years.

I began this journey as a three-month challenge to myself but to also see if my body would feel the difference.

To my surprise, after my first month (Febuary 2018) my body does feels so much better, I used to have pains around my back at night and wake up feeling like a man of 90.

Now, I have no pains and full of new energy!

I decided to start my first blog to chart my journey and experience and to share my ‘New World’ views of being a Vegan.