99% of Popular Cereals Are Not Suitable For Vegans!

Hi All,

I have recently found out the following fact:

Popular breakfast cereals including Rice Krispies, Kellogg’s cornflakes and Cheerios contain vitamin D which is made from sheep’s wool grease, it has emerged, meaning they are unsuitable for vegans.

It is feared that many of the UK’s 550,000 vegans may have been eating vitamin D fortified cereals, as they contain no ingredients which are obviously derived from animals.

They are marked with a “suitable for vegetarians” logo, with no explicit warning that they are unsuitable for vegans.

Please share this blog to inform others.

Author: newworldvegan

I have been a meat and dairy eater all my life and would never have thought not doing so until I set myself the challenge of a lifetime..three months as a Vegan! Please follow my New World Vegan journey as I chart my journey of discovery.

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