Vegans do live longer!

As I continue my journey into month two of my Vegan challenge, I must say I still feel positive and committed. I think KFC running out of chicken has helped

I have found some more interesting information regarding the benefits of Veganism and its that you actually live longer compared to a meat/dairy eater. As I’ve said, it’s not the meat or dairy that’s the problem but the other killer-chemicals which are added in the manufacturing process.

Researchers at Loma Linda University in California have been conducting a study to determine whether  vegans live longer than the rest of the population, and so far, the answer seems to be a resounding “Yes!”

Studies on average, show that Vegan men and women live 9.5 and 6.1 years longer, respectively, than their meat-eating counterparts.

Why is this? Its the harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process for all meat and dairy products.

Vegan Concept

Author: newworldvegan

I have been a meat and dairy eater all my life and would never have thought not doing so until I set myself the challenge of a lifetime..three months as a Vegan! Please follow my New World Vegan journey as I chart my journey of discovery.

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