Bodybuilding with a Vegan Diet

Is it possible to remain in shape or build muscle whilst on a Vegan diet?

The answer is YES you can, but it does take a little planning and focus. Plus getting to the gym of course!

I hit the gym at least twice a week, plus Wing Tsun training twice a week.

Below is a weekly diet plan.

Day 1 Break: Porridge, peanut butter, agave syrup Lunch: kare buruso, wok-fired greens  Dinner: Bean stew, hummus, peas, peppers

Day 2 Break: Porridge, peanut butter, agave syrup, protein smoothie Lunch: Vegan sausages, peppers, hummus, spinach, hess balls, peas, bean stew Dinner: Vegan sausages, peppers, spinach, hummus, peas, bean stew,

Day 3 Break: Banana, avocado on toast, protein smoothie Lunch: ‘Tofu and salad. Dinner: Lentil burgers, sweet potato wedges, peas

Day 4 Break: Porridge, peanut butter & vegan chocolate spread, protein smoothie Lunch: Vegan cheese, chili jam, toast, banana bread and almond butter. Dinner: Chickpea, pepper & spinach sandwich, kale crisps & fruit salad

Day 5 Break: Porridge, peanut butter, protein smoothie Lunch: Pumpkin curry.  Dinner: Tofu, brown rice, aubergine, broccoli, asparagus



Author: newworldvegan

I have been a meat and dairy eater all my life and would never have thought not doing so until I set myself the challenge of a lifetime..three months as a Vegan! Please follow my New World Vegan journey as I chart my journey of discovery.

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